Dime Division Company

The Step

To start off not only a new year but also a new decade, I decided to make this post about taking your first step into your new venture.

More often than others the number one dream stopper is the inability to actually get started. We are usually left pondering about our ideas and stuck on the what ifs and what nots. Next thing we know a few months or maybe even a few years have gone by and we've made the solid decision that its never going to happen, for some outer reason that we cannot control.

I'd like to summarize this in the best and simpliest way I can; as to why you just need to take that ONE first step. Have you ever went to the pool or the beach with your friends or family and you were hesitant about getting in the water because its "too cold", or some bullshit? Then someone splashes water at you and tells you to just get in because you're already wet anyways. You probably do and end up having a great time, despite having that bullshit excuse.

Much like that situation, when you decide to just get your feet wet; you will most likely end up jumping in. No excuses, only a fuck it attitude. Even when you fall of your tracks and need to take that intial step once again; trust me when I tell you that it gets easier everytime. Eventually you kind of just dive into every opportunity you like, with little to no hesitation. You start to live a limitless life and develop a sense of character that makes you feel unstoppable. Powering through life and not letting anything control you but your own self. 

So I encourage you to do it, and do it now. Even if you start small, the key here is to just STEP.


It has happened to me way too many times than I'd like to admit. Even now until now I have a stutter step, but I see my development year after year. Also without making the mistake that I have, I wouldn't be in the position to be giving you this advice.