Dime Division Company

The Process

Understanding the process of transformation is the key to mapping your way through it. 

 There comes a time when things begin to start feeling very uncomfortable, an overwhelming feeling you can't seem to shake regardless of what you do. Even in places and situations in which in the past, would've made you at ease. It keeps you up at night and has you reevaluting your life, trying to see what it is that is wrong. Throughout your day your vision is clouded by your thoughts, racing to find the root of your uneasiness. This feeling of confinement and just wanting to break free from it. You see I could only imagine this feeling as comparable as to a.. you guessed it.. a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This discomfort is the key indicator for you to grow into your true potential. 

Take The Stairs
Although as magical as that sounds, you cannot skip the steps, there is no catalyst into becoming a greater version of yourself. In order to get a better idea of this is by comparing your transformation to a caterpillars, but not with the razzle dazzle chrysalis and beautifully patterened wings fantasy. But rather the sheer work and dedication the caterpillar did in order to prepare itself for that transformation. You see in order to reach greater heights we need to become someone who is capable of doing so. Don't get it twisted everyone has the potential but not everyone strives to be capable. You can put two wings on a caterpillar but I gurantee you it won't be able to get an inch off the ground.

I Can't Or I Will
I understand the difficulties that not all of us were dealt with the same cards and it may seem impossible for some and easier for others. But regardless of your beginnings we are all faced with this choice in life, either to grow or to remain stagnant. Others are completely comfortable staying the same and it is not a bad thing either. But for those who look up and day dream all day wondering how the view is from up there; take your steps into becoming a greater you.

" Fly With The Greatest. " - Dime Division Co.