The Blueprint

The Blueprint

We are all faced with the same 3 decisions in life, to follow, to lead, or to stay in place. 

Not a single one of those decisions are better than the other, but rather better for certain individuals. Your decision should correlate to exactly what makes you the happiest; that is where you will find the most success in your life. 

Most of the time it is ourselves that block our own blessings by not pursuing what is meant for us. Don't slave your life to something particular because of how much money it is going to make you or how it is going to make you look. Focus on what you are great at, effortlessly, and go all in on it. 

For Example
You can live a more fullfilling and rich life being a great designer for the best fashion line than trying to be the brand owner. Or you're better at being the fashion enthusiast that these great brands rely on to create a following for them. Maybe you're better off being a great CEO for a brand than working at their retail store.

Whatever it may be, don't let social media make you feel like you need to be the CEO of your own business to be successful in life. The real success is being great at what comes most natural to you.

What seems great for others may not be the best for you.

What is for you may not be the best for others.
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